February 25 relationship horoscope

February 25 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Lucky number 4. Since feelings and emotions are reflected or projected in personal relationships it's important to remain clear, loving and positive. Avoid clutter in the home or office by not acquiring unnecessary luxuries. Ignore gossip and sudden bursts of anger or emotion. Lucky number 7. Colour pink. Interesting encounters and positive changes are on the cards today! You manage to maintain clarity and direction in complicated work situations that could have thrown you off centre.

Weekly Horoscope for 6 Zodiac Signs February 25 to March 3, 2018

You can be moody and changeable so respond rather than react to situations. Lucky number 2. Colour blue. You are okay as you are and needed as you are! It is normal to go astray from time to time from your path and nature. Stop feeling guilty, learn from your mistakes and get on with your life now. Listen to your intuition rather than be influenced by others. Colour grey.

You take control and clean up a mess at home or at work with speed and alacrity. Love and romance in relationships add to your happiness and satisfaction. You achieve goals by focusing on priorities rather than depleting energy in multifarious activity. Lucky number 9. Colour reds. Unexpected happenings at work and wonderful surprises at home keep you happy and busy. Since this is a time of change you need to move into it rather than resist it.

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A new vision in business and a fresh perspective in relationships is needed for change. You have tiger by the tail today as you control relationships and have a handle on professional projects. You invite loyalty and friendship by giving support.

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A youthful person or daughter has you wrapped around her little finger. Sporty pastimes can be fun. Colour magenta. Here is your horoscope for February 25, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today. ARIES Accept challenges that life offers you and keep going through ups and downs realizing that 'this too shall pass'. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

Download from. You may sense today that life is somehow shifting out of your control. And you don't like that feeling!

February 25 Pisces Personality

But keep a handle on your reactions to any upsetting events. It could easily turn out that everything is just fine after all. Or you may find that you don't mind the changes, once they're complete. The important thing now is to stay open to growth. Be open hearted, even if it scares you.

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If there's emotional drama going on around you today, you'd rather stay out of it. But you may have to face a sticky situation with a friend or coworker. Issues of jealousy and possessiveness are common today. It's no fun to deal with them, but you'll be glad you did, once you've processed through those tricky, intense feelings. You may even learn something surprising about your own emotional depths. Life could get a little complex today. But it's the kind of complexity you enjoy, and certainly the kind you can handle. A heart-to-heart talk brings you closer to someone. It feels good to listen and offer them advice, or even an apology, if need be.

After all, knowing another person on an emotional level promotes intimacy. Knowing your own true feelings brings you into closer alignment with yourself. Desire takes on an unusual intensity today. You want it so badly, you can almost taste it! This kind of craving can be a good thing, or it can be a challenge. On the positive side, it can help you focus on a goal.

Birthday Horoscope February 25th

But it can also cloud your clear, realistic perspective. If it doesn't come easily, maybe it's not meant to be. Your investigative powers are on high today. Nothing is beyond your keen grasp. Your particular area of expertise?

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The realm of human nature. If someone is behaving strangely, you might be the only person in the room who understands the emotions behind their actions. It's as if you can read between the lines of what other people say and do. Just think of all the good things you can do with this insight! You enjoy people in general, and you rely a lot on your friends.

But today, a solitary mood may descend. You're interested now in depending on yourself, and looking within to discover your own strength. Use this brief period of self-sufficiency to explore your inner depths. You might be surprised to find what a deep thinker you are, and the fathomless nature of your many, varied emotions.

Sabian Symbol

Your will is strong today. A sense of inner strength guides you now. Your goal is clear as water in your mind. And all you have to do is stay focused.

Keep repeating to yourself -- 'This is my moment. And if your goals will benefit other people besides yourself, then surely the universe will assist you in reaching them.