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As per the science of Astrology, Rahu gets strong in the 3rd, 6th and the 11th houses. If Rahu aligns with an auspicious Lord, then the combination provides good results. Rahu deteriorates the attitude of any planet with which it comes together. Rahu-Mars coming into a relationship with Scorpio leads to natives adapting profession of intoxicants like opium, liquor and other drugs. Rahu benefits such professions. On the other hand, if Rahu comes together with auspicious Mercury, it can facilitate the native to become a businessperson or a scientist.

However, if Rahu comes together with Mercury in an inauspicious position, it can be unlucky for the natives. Rahu gives inauspicious results if it is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or if it exists in these houses is in conjunction with the lord of these houses. Rahu also symbolises knowledge, however, in presence of malefic planets this attribute can have a reverse impact and it can make the native mentally weak or mentally imbalanced.

It is said that Rahu produces different types of results in the horoscopes of different people. So, before listening about the impact of Rahu-Ketu from astrologers, you should understand your horoscope well. Rahu's alignment with auspicious planet gives good results to the natives:. If Rahu is with Sun or is in the Sun's nakshatra constellation , it leads to the much sought after Rajyog. If Rahu is with Moon or in the Moon's nakshatra constellation , then the native may attain success in the field of agriculture.

Besides, Rahu causes an increase in financial savings and it creates situations for journeys across the seas. Rahu also benefits those areas which are benefitted by Mars. If Rahu exists with Mercury in Mercury's nakshatra constellation , the native is blessed with jobs in business, management or higher education. If Rahu exists with Jupiter or in Jupiter's nakshatra constellation , native may be successful in winning elections.

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The presence of Rahu with Venus or in the nakshatra constellation of Venus makes the native good looking, an art lover or even an artist. However, the mental peace of the native is disturbed in such a situation. If Rahu-Ketu are seated in good positions in the ir own nakshatra constellation , they may give good results to the native. There are several popular persons in this world who have acquired a lot of success and fame.

If Rahu represents the planets in an auspicious position, it can give good results. A classic example is the great cricket player Rohit Sharma. In Rohit's horoscope, Rahu aligns with Jupiter and Venus. Thus, despite being born in an average family, Rohit could rise so well in the field of cricket. Therefore, Venus will not be able to function optimally. In Western horary astrology, we know the term enclosed, which is used when a planet in enclosed by two malefics. In Indian astrology, the term enclosed is used for containment in a negative sense, and also for containment with positive consequences.

This is shubha kartari yoga. A house can also be enclosed, although there is no planet in that house. Example: Mars is in the fourth house, the fifth house is empty and Saturn is in the sixth house. This can have awkward consequences for the children, because two malefics enclose the fifth house. In this case, the fifth house encounters a papa kartari yoga. However, when Venus is in the fourth house and Jupiter in the sixth house, everything pertaining to the fifth house will be beneficially influenced.

In this situation, the fifth house is strengthened by the occurrence of a shubka kartari yoga. This type of scissors yoga is common. When the first house is enclosed, it is of particular importance. This is because the first house is so important. One could say that the first house is the horoscope in miniature. In Gandhi's horoscope we can see that the first house is enclosed by the Sun malefic in the twelfth house and Saturn malefic in the second house. This is a papa kartari yoga, which caused a certain number of problems in his life. Gandhi had Kemadruma yoga in his horoscope, because there are no planets in either the twelfth or the second house calculated from the Moon.

However, the Moon is in the tenth house a kendra house. This greatly neutralises the Kemadruma yoga. Now we shall discuss the scissors yoga's of the Sun. Planets in the second or the twelfth house calculated from the Sun, will strengthen the Sun naturally in their own manner, according to their character. Kennedy had both a benefic and a malefic in the twelfth house calculated from the Sun. He was intelligent the influence of Mercury , but the fact that he was murdered had something to do with the powerful malefic Mars in a moolatrikona house in the eighth house, which is the twelfth house calculated from the Sun.

Jupiter and Moon, Gajkeshari Yog conjunction by Sharmistha

This very same Mars also gave him his sex appeal. The eighth house represents death as well as sexual charisma. A powerful Mars in that house can lead to a violent death Mars as powerful malefic as well as a lot of sexual charisma. The Voshi yoga increases the above effects. When a person has both a Veshi and Voshi yoga, he actually has Ubhayachari yoga. It would be logical to expect a yoga when there are no planets in the second or the twelfth house calculated from the Sun. This is not the case. The Sun is in itself, a powerful planet, and it can function very well alone, without the support of other planets.

A benefic in the vicinity is always appreciated, but it is not necessary. One must realise that this is only a very small selection.

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For those who wish to learn more on this subject, I refer to the list of books for further reading. The book 'Yoga's in Astrology' by K. The book written by Hart deFouw also gives a lot of attention to this subject. Example: With an Aries ascendant, the Moon is lord of the fourth house and the Sun is lord of the fifth house.

Should the Sun and the Moon be in conjunction in a horoscope with an Aries ascendant, the two planets then form a raja yoga. In this case, the Moon is lord of a kendra house the fourth and the Sun is lord of a trikona house the fifth. A benefic in the seventh house will of course lead to a better functioning of that house. However, the seventh house is opposite the Ascendant. Because of this, it also has consequences for the functioning of the ascendant.

When a planet is placed in the seventh house, it will aspect the first house. This is the reason that a strong seventh house also gives us a strong first house. Inasmuch as the first house is the whole horoscope in short, a strong first house is of particular importance. It then follows that the consequence of adhi yoga is a strong first house, which will therefore lead to positive results.

Analogically an adhi yoga calculated from the Moon, will also allow the Moon to function much better. The Moon is the most important planet in Indian astrology. That the Moon should function well is therefore of great importance. Without a prominent Moon, and without such a stellium, you can still achieve fame, but it involves lot more work to accomplish this. With Mars conjunct Jupiter, though, you definitely have the potential energy to work hard to achieve fame, if that is what you desire.

The tenth house, the 9th house as well as the 5th house also represents fame.

The nature of the sign, lord of the sign, planets posited therein as also the aspects the sign is receiving are all important factors before deciding on whether the native will attain fame or not. It is noteworthy to mention that an afflicted 12th house or 4th house may make one shy away from fame. Above all we should not forget the 1st house as it represents fame also. Hence Lagna and placement of Lagna lord are also to be considered. Ashtakavarga System also throws some light on attaining fame through the bindus or dots gained by a planet due to his placement.

Maharishi Parasara has the following to say in regard to combinations for fame: One will be endowed with fame, if Moon is in 10th House, while 10th Lord is in a trine from 10th House and Lagna Lord is in Lagnas angle. Similar effects will come to pass, if 11th Lord is in 10th House, while 10th Lord is strong and gives Aspect to Jupiter. Now it is time to frame some rules to find out the answers to at least some of the questions raised above. These are the ten commandments for getting fame.

Jupiter or Venus should have some connection with Moon-conjunction, aspect or placement in Kendra or trikona to Moon. Fame is related to image. If the lord of House Of Fame occupies a Kendra or Kona from the house of fame, fame is likely to come. But he cannot determine fame, he can only support by his placement. That is to say that the position of lord of House of Fame in a Kendra or Kona definitely ensures support for the native in achieving fame. The next person who assists in getting fame is the planets placed in Kendra or Kona to the lord of House of Fame.

When Jupiter or Saturn conjoins or aspects the lord of house of fame or placed in an angular position fame results. For Diurnal births, it is observed that Jupiter plays an important role where as for nocturnal births Saturn takes the place in determining the fame.

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These are not the end of it, it is only the major influences which make a person famous. Various innumerable combinations do bring popularity which should not be forgotten. Lagna lord Venus and 10th lord Moon are in their swakshetra. Though Moon is afflicted by Rahu and Venus by Mars, by virtue of their ownership of 5th house Co-lord of 5th and 7th house respectively, it can be said that both are fairly strong.

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For Libra Lagna Saturn is a benefic as he owns 4th and 5th. He is placed in trikona from AL. House of Fame is in Cancer. Lord of House of Fame is Moon and is placed in his own house. Mars, Mercury and Venus are in Ascendent and angular to the lord of fortune and Jupiter.

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Jupiter and Moon are in mutual Kendra. This is a diurnal birth. One noteworthy point in this chart is the number of yogas - as many as 24 - which were also responsible in gaining fame. Ma also happens to be 5th lord as well as he is stronger than Ke-co-lord of Scorpio.

The presence of Ma in the 3rd house along with Venus indicate that the fame will not be everlasting. AL is occupied by benefic Jupiter.

Sun and Moon conjunction in Vedic astrology

Kendras from AL are occupied by benefics. Sa becomes benefic on account of AL being in Libra. From Moon 5th lord Sun is placed in his own house and 10th lord Saturn is placed in a Kendra. House of Fame is in Aries. Placement of Moon — karaka for fame - there indicate fame. Jupiter is in an angle from Moon and aspecting Moon.

Hence his fame is explained.