Kapiel raaj astrology at the speed of light

God bless you Kapiel, you are a true teacher. By Anand Dhanraj. He has written such a great book on astrology. I have been looking for good books but mostly are so confusing and hard to understand where this one was a cake walk for me. I truly understand the entire concept of jyotish and the principle that go around it. We all miss the big purpose, the principle of vedic astrology which even me wasn't following till i read this book.

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Astrology At The Speed of Light

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What is Inside the Astrology Books I have written? You will not find astrology books written the way I write them. I write them from the view point of the people who want to learn astrology. I don't just talk about the basis in 1 book but I have broken down each important aspect of astrology in a separate book like Conjunction, Aspects Planets through ascendant which I am currently writing, including my astrology the speed of light book which talks about everything including the little secrets that make the big difference in a birth chart.

What are the secrets of Astrology? The basic astrology you know today, is just a watered down version of true divine science of the mystics. The sages, who weren't of this world in my opinion, but, were either Anunnakies or the spiritual beings of Atlantis The lost Continent Secrets of astrology are mainly in its remedies, and some misconceptions which the true followers of astrology didn't want you to know, like planet Saturn. The use of gems is also another mystery in Vedic-Astrology.

Astrology at the Speed of Light

People have many opinions, but the big questions is Does gemstones Therapy really work in astrology? The book discusses this question. Most astrologers analyze just one chart, which is your birth chart, called 'Lagna Chart'. I've been to over astrologers, and out of which only looked at the 'Divisional Charts' in my horoscope which actually hold far more importance than your main birth chart.

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  5. If your main birth chart is a television, than the divisional charts are the HD or SD signal, without which a television is a useless box of static. Many websites would claim that having a planet in a bad house, and bad zodiac sign can mean bad luck for the native, but then why so many wealthy, happy people are walking around with bad planets in their charts in bad positions? It's simple, the astrologer who was claiming this was a fool, and never really looked at what 'Nakshatra' the planet was sitting in, including the 'Up-Nakshatra'.