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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope by Adrian Duncan -

Everyone wants to be loved exactly right. This week, if that starts to become too much, or if it all feels unfair, try to take a step back.

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  • Scorpio Weekly Horoscope for Next Week.

Consider what you need, and what you can give. This week, it might feel particularly grating when someone advises you to compromise or find middle ground.

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Compromise is a tool, not an imperative. You can expect, this week, to feel some nagging irritation at the world. You can expect to feel some frustration, verging on anger, that everyone — from the people who run the world, to the strangers you see on the street, to your friends, to yourself — is so consistently imperfect. But this week, forget about working so hard. This is a week for moving along your own bending path and accepting the unpredictability of it all. Everything you lose, you can come back to.

Things are happening and fast thanks to the Aries Full Moon!

You might find yourself more aware than ever of all the ways a person can be misjudged. This week, try your best to put all that out of your mind. Some people will see you truly, with love. You just have to keep living, and keep doing your work. And though it can feel like this work goes unnoticed, the people in your life see you. They see how you carry yourself, and how you care.

If you need a favor, or some kindness, or a friend to spend an afternoon with, you can ask for it. None of this is a burden.

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    Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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